Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We feel like we are lucky enough to work on the best homes for bathroom and kitchen remodeling!  Our clients love their homes and want unique bathroom designs and expert craftsmanship to deliver the new bathroom they've been wanting.

For this beautiful old Victorian bathroom remodel, the client chose a clean look for the bathroom which matches the old house feel and adds some interesting touches. The chrome accents and wall sconces give the room a simple, classy look. The Onyx floor mosaic is a contemporary material with an old time twist.

Madison Bathroom Remodel with a custom bathroom design

One of the most interesting things about working on the bathroom was the surprise that awaited us in the attic.  The tub was reclaimed from the attic and after some repair, repainting and a new faucet it looks and functions great!  That's not something you find everyday, but that's what makes home remodeling in Madison such a pleasure.

Best bathroom remodeling surprise was finding an antique tub in the attic!

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