Thursday, October 23, 2014

Whole Home Design and Renovation

Everyone has seen the complete home renovation shows on TV and in magazines where the designer has a cohesive plan that brings the design of the whole home together.  At Artisan Remodeling we specialize in exactly that - whole home remodels. 

We can do it all - from design to build - let us renovate your kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic, or even design an addition. Whether we do your home remodel all at once or room by room we have the expertise and skills to make your home a more useful and cohesive space. 

In addition to renovating the kitchen, bathrooms, and the entire insulation and HVAC system, we designed and built a Victorian attic remodel  This attic provided useful space as well as enhancing the efficiency and comfort of the entire home via air sealing and insulation. The existing dormers made sunlight a given, and the plumbing layout made a perfect space for an additional bathroom. Vaulted ceilings and Victorian accents made this space look like it had been there for years.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Many of the best kitchen renovation ideas come from the existing charm in older homes.  Madison kitchen remodeling projects are always interesting because the vintage homes have character and style that are very rewarding to work with.  

Unique kitchen features like a pantry or open concept floor plan can work well to suit your family and lifestyle. 

Our home and kitchen renovation design projects start with an evaluation of what the home has to offer and where it needs a little - or a lot of - work!  Here is an example of re-framing an old butler pantry and creating a pass through breakfast bar. Remodeling kitchens to include an island or bar are very popular.  

Open Concept Kitchen floor plan is a beautiful addition to this historic Madison home renovation

The kitchen cabinet is over 100 yrs. old and we were able to preserve it with a little repair, some sanding and stain matching. This piece is not only functional but a great conversation piece. The double oven shown is an example of how Artisan Remodeling goes out of our way to give the customer what they need while paying attention to style and space.  

Madison WI Kitchen Renovation with a double oven and historic kitchen pantry.