Thursday, December 18, 2014

Renovate to make big use of a small space

Renovating a unique space like an attic or small bathroom can pose a remodeling challenge.  Spacial issues such as slanted ceilings and unique wall pitches, or a kitchen pantry can be a hidden opportunity for additional storage or shelving. At Artisan Remodeling we try to squeeze every square inch of space out of our projects by using inefficient spaces for storage and function. 

Here you see an opportunity for a recessed cabinet within the half wall. The shower and sink areas were carefully planned to make the most of the space while still achieving enough head room for the user. Unique shower space remodeling ideas always depend on the existing structure, but we have a lot of experience to help get great results!

The tile shower is a great example of our commitment to function and style, demonstrating the use of the Onyx mosaic and stone trim detail within this unique space.  

In cooler climates we often recommend installing heated floors under tile surfaces.  If you love the look of tile but hate the cold, heated floors are the perfect solution.  This beautiful Onyx floor mosaic looks beautiful but also gives the client comfort at any time of year. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Onyx Tile Mosaic Adds Beauty to a Bathroom Renovation

Unique designer tile in a bathroom or kitchen can create a one of a kind look.  With craftsman installation and an eye for design, we created a custom tile design using onyx floor mosaic for a bathroom renovation client in Madison.  For this beautiful old Victorian the client chose a clean look for the bathroom which matches the old house feel and adds some interesting touches. 

Elegant bathroom renovation in a Madison Victorian home

The tub was reclaimed from the attic and after some repair, repainting and a new faucet it looks and functions great. One of the many reasons we love working on home renovations are the stories that come with these older homes, like the tub in the attic!

Onyx floor mosaic creates a beautiful bathroom

The chrome accents and wall sconces give the bathroom a simple, classy look. The Onyx floor mosaic is a contemporary material with an old time twist.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Creative Attic Renovation adds Value to a Home

Attic renovations are some of the most unique and creative remodeling projects we work with.  Often an attic will need more than just a cosmetic lift.  Because many homes in Madison are older, the attic can also require structural improvements.

This is a great vantage point to understand what goes into an attic remodel. This old house needed a lot of structural repairs and strengthening. We analyze every home to uncover issues that need to be addressed in a renovation.  We don't want to just make the home look good, we want everything to be sound from top to bottom.

Attic renovation including structural improvements in a Madison home

After re-framing the floor completely, the walls and ceiling were vented and then sealed in foam insulation. Once the foam was done the rafters were filled with a cellulose insulation which made the new attic warm in the winters and cool in the summer. In addition the old 5 story chimney was removed to create a chase for new heat and AC to run to the attic.

The new attic design provides a multi use room for the family

The space is now a comfortable and functional space acting as a guest suite, office and play room. Every home has huge potential for improvements and opportunities to enhance your lifestyle.  We love uncovering these opportunities and bringing them to life.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Whole Home Design and Renovation

Everyone has seen the complete home renovation shows on TV and in magazines where the designer has a cohesive plan that brings the design of the whole home together.  At Artisan Remodeling we specialize in exactly that - whole home remodels. 

We can do it all - from design to build - let us renovate your kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic, or even design an addition. Whether we do your home remodel all at once or room by room we have the expertise and skills to make your home a more useful and cohesive space. 

In addition to renovating the kitchen, bathrooms, and the entire insulation and HVAC system, we designed and built a Victorian attic remodel  This attic provided useful space as well as enhancing the efficiency and comfort of the entire home via air sealing and insulation. The existing dormers made sunlight a given, and the plumbing layout made a perfect space for an additional bathroom. Vaulted ceilings and Victorian accents made this space look like it had been there for years.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Many of the best kitchen renovation ideas come from the existing charm in older homes.  Madison kitchen remodeling projects are always interesting because the vintage homes have character and style that are very rewarding to work with.  

Unique kitchen features like a pantry or open concept floor plan can work well to suit your family and lifestyle. 

Our home and kitchen renovation design projects start with an evaluation of what the home has to offer and where it needs a little - or a lot of - work!  Here is an example of re-framing an old butler pantry and creating a pass through breakfast bar. Remodeling kitchens to include an island or bar are very popular.  

Open Concept Kitchen floor plan is a beautiful addition to this historic Madison home renovation

The kitchen cabinet is over 100 yrs. old and we were able to preserve it with a little repair, some sanding and stain matching. This piece is not only functional but a great conversation piece. The double oven shown is an example of how Artisan Remodeling goes out of our way to give the customer what they need while paying attention to style and space.  

Madison WI Kitchen Renovation with a double oven and historic kitchen pantry.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Some of our clients are looking for unique kitchen tile ideas. They'd like a kitchen that is artistic in design, offers a different kitchen look, and that works with the character of the home but can be found nowhere else. For this Victorian we created a coffered ceiling with a mosaic inlay. 

Custom kitchen tile mosiac

The mosaic depicts a Harvest Wreath, a sign of abundance and health. It is made from marble, travertine, and river rock.

Kitchen tile inlay with custom tile design

Custom kitchen back lighting with beautiful tile mosaic

With the option for back light, this piece can take a back seat or center stage in the kitchen. These types of projects are not a perfect fit for every home, but when called for they can create a very unique space. 

At Artisan Remodeling we believe that we are adept at creating any space, anywhere. No matter how unique your idea is, big or small, just give us a call and let us show you what we can do.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We feel like we are lucky enough to work on the best homes for bathroom and kitchen remodeling!  Our clients love their homes and want unique bathroom designs and expert craftsmanship to deliver the new bathroom they've been wanting.

For this beautiful old Victorian bathroom remodel, the client chose a clean look for the bathroom which matches the old house feel and adds some interesting touches. The chrome accents and wall sconces give the room a simple, classy look. The Onyx floor mosaic is a contemporary material with an old time twist.

Madison Bathroom Remodel with a custom bathroom design

One of the most interesting things about working on the bathroom was the surprise that awaited us in the attic.  The tub was reclaimed from the attic and after some repair, repainting and a new faucet it looks and functions great!  That's not something you find everyday, but that's what makes home remodeling in Madison such a pleasure.

Best bathroom remodeling surprise was finding an antique tub in the attic!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kitchen Renovation in an Old Madison Victorian Home

Many of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen and we appreciate the importance of planning your kitchen remodel to match your lifestyle. The style of the kitchen design can set the tone for an entire house, or vice versa. We've written about this beautiful Victorian kitchen renovation before, and we have more to share!

Kitchen Remodeling Madison, WI

For this particular Victorian we created a blend of old and new. The doors, windows and much of the trim was original and we were able to match trim and details to create a seamless transition. The quarter sawn oak cabinets and the antiqued and glazed white cabinets were a nice compliment to one another and helped blend the old and new throughout. 

Details like antiqued glass cabinet doors, bead board, and an apron sink also create a vintage feel. The imported slate backsplash adds a great splash of color and helps tie the different colors and patterns of the kitchen together. Wall plaster and texture also add to the consistency and style of this beautiful 107 yr. old Victorian.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kitchen Remodel Designed for Cooking and Entertaining

We do a lot of kitchen renovations at Artisan Remodeling. Every kitchen project involves careful thought to the cook, or cooks, in the kitchen. We plan the cabinetry details to reflect how the kitchen will be used and by how many people. Traffic flow is another big consideration when we design a new kitchen, as well as whether the kitchen is used strictly for cooking, or possibly eating and entertaining as well. Kitchen design details should be thoughtfully considered during the planning process to make sure the new kitchen is the right fit for the client, and the home.

This particular kitchen remodeling project is a 107 year old Victorian in dire need of updating. The growing family needed more space to move and cook and this old house (like many) needed a jump start to a new life. 

A dream kitchen designed for the cook!

In comes Artisan Remodeling. We removed the old butler pantry to create an open breakfast bar to the dining room. We added a double wall oven for special occasions, as well as a prep area and plenty of storage. The 10’ ceilings were begging for something special, so we created a custom ceiling detail including a marble mosaic “Harvest Wreath” complete with a dozen LED recessed lights. 

Multi-use kitchen and dining room design.

The overall style was consistent with the original feel while adding an updated look that blended with the original 100 + year old Victorian home.

Madison, WI kitchen renovation in a 107 year old home.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Certified Lead Free Contractor

When planning a home renovation in one of Madison's beautiful older neighborhoods, special consideration should be given to safely handling lead paint.  Any remodeling project on a home built before 1978 is at risk for having lead paint on the walls.  According to the Wisconsin Department of health, lead exposure in young children can cause a range of health and behavioral effects. To help eliminate this risk Wisconsin has created a program to certify home builders and renovation companies.  

As you choose a home remodeler or builder in Madison, ask if they are a Certified Lead Free Contractor.  With this certification you can feel confident that when construction begins  on your kitchen, bathroom, or other living space they will use safe methods to handle any lead paint.  It may take a little extra research, but having the right contractor will make your home renovation not only beautiful but safe!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Bungalow Bathrooms

Bathroom Remodeling Project

Detail of Bathroom Remodel

At Artisan Remodeling we really appreciate the finished product, like the bathroom remodeling project pictured. I like to think that the extra little things that we put into our projects may not all be easily noticed, but the their sum makes the project really stand out in the end. The details of our remodeling work make us stand out from our competition and we are not afraid to get up close. Our staff and all of our skilled, licensed subcontractors do whatever it takes to make each project a success.

That brings me to introduce Artisan Remodeling's lead carpenter, Josh. When he is not lounging on the job he is coming up with great solutions to complex problems and he genuinely cares about each job. It is important to have quality people on the job, and not just as skilled labor. Potential home remodeling clients have to remember that on many projects they will see these guys a lot, so it is important that they are professional, up beat, and all around good people.

Thanks of visiting! Mike

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Small Bungalow Bathroom

The smaller of the baths in our Bungalow bathroom projects was a great and valuable addition to this home. We didn’t need to create much more space to make this a very functional half bath.

It doesn’t hurt when you find neat fixtures like this small sink that also comply with code. The finished  work blended well with the 85 year old staircase, as if it had been there all the while!

Thanks for visiting! Mike

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bungalow Bathrooms

At Artisan Remodeling we do A LOT of bungalows, and we love them. This next project was a Bungalow purchased by a couple looking to breathe some new life into an old home with a great downtown location. As with many bungalows, there was no downstairs bathroom. Our task was to enlarge a downstairs closet to create a new half bathroom as well as remodel an existing bathroom to jive with the existing Arts and Crafts theme throughout the house.

Adding a bathroom is not always as easy as it was in this home. An unfinished basement and ample space made the transition relatively painless. This client had a great sense of style and she knew what she liked and didn’t like. This always makes the decisions much easier, as there are always many decisions to make!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Bungalow Bathrooms

A safe work environment is key when working in older homes. Artisan Remodeling is properly licensed in all aspects of our profession, as are our subcontractors. One of those licenses is for the safe removal of lead paint. By creating a clean work environment, following the proper lead safe removal protocol, and the use of a HEPA filtered negative air machine, our clients know that their home and family stay safe and comfortable throughout their projects.

This Bungalow bathroom project shows our commitment to keep the job site clean and organized, even on small projects.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Victorian basement #3

The stone shower. These clients’ tough work schedules often mean that they are in and out of the house at different hours. As is the case with many old homes, the upstairs bathroom was shared by the family, leaving the basement bathroom as a sanctuary for whomever is getting ready for work.

As is with all of our work, our showers are waterproofed and crafted to last a lifetime. This particular shower is made of a high quality Indian slate with decorative accents, a bench seat, an LED light, and a high quality kohler fixture. Just because you have a tight space doesn’t mean you can’t make it

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Victorian Basement #2

How do you make a utility bath a little less “utility” looking? We do it by doing our best to shield certain components in the bathroom from the sightline. In this particular project the client did not want to see the toilet from the adjacent room and wanted to keep the laundry hidden when not in use. The result was dividing walls and half walls for the toilet and sink, and the laundry sink, washer and dryer tucked away behind bi-fold doors. The center floor was pitched the the center drain for proper drainage if needed.

The side area where the chimney was is now a simple set of shelves and the exit for the laundry chute. A small narrow cabinet works as a welcome countertop and much needed storage. The overall composition allows for the door to the utility room to remain open the majority of the time, allowing the natural light from both rooms to mingle and making each space feel larger.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Victorian Basement

We are back at the Victorian basement to talk HVAC and designing around specific eye sores, like HVAC. This home, being 100 years old had very uneven heat throughout. The new homeowners wanted to have the project completed before they moved in and also had little ones to think of in terms of overall comfort.

The HVAC system in the back utility space was gutted and the ductwork reorganized. This allowed for more usable space for the new laundry and bathroom, as well as a storage/workspace (not shown). The system was zoned for each floor to be on its own thermostat, which in turn gives the homeowner more control over each space and evens out the home in terms of comfort. By removing the chimney - all 4 stories of it - we created new heat and A/C runs to the attic (for future projects) as well as a laundry chute.

You may be asking where is the ductwork? This brings me to the next task, hiding the existing ductwork that could not be moved completely. The basement ceiling was riddled with low hanging, sharp ductwork that did not allow the ceiling height to meet code. By rearranging the ductwork we were able to fit it into a smaller space without compromising on air flow. Sometimes there is only so much you can do, as is the case here. The bookcase was added as a functional compromise to the lowest hanging ductwork. The front is a functional bookcase, the back is a desk set up for a tv or computer. As always we also used every possible space available for storage.

The clients now enjoy a much more comfortable home throughout for them and their kids and plenty of space for relaxing, without the low hanging ducts!

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