Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunroom Bliss

As promised from the last entry, here is the finished interior of a 2nd story remodel. By removing and reframing the old windows and openings we were able to add privacy and still capture a great deal of light. The oak trim adds gravity to the space and frames the outside view well.

By using a light paint color it allows the morning light to bounce off the walls and duplicate within the space. This helps make the space feel brighter and larger even though we removed and framed in 2 of the original window openings(on the sides). Thanks for tuning in! Mike

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let it Snow!

Over the snowy weeks of January we completed a window replacement/interior remodel project in the Vilas neighborhood. The project was to replace some old 2nd story windows, reframe areas, reside (3 types of siding matching existing), and add new trim, drywall and paint to the interior. Here is a shot of one of the guys finishing up some of the siding. By prepainting the materials all that remains for a spotless finish is the touchup paint as the weather warms. Overall a rough patch of weather did not stop the guys from completing a great looking exterior. I'll post the finished interior next!

Thanks, Mike