Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bay Window and Custom Cabinets

Our kitchen and dining room renovation included this stunning bay window installation.  By adding the bay window we added a lot of light helped incorporate the back yard and lake views into the Living Room. 

Living room and Dining room remodel with custom bay window

When planning this home renovation we designed the custom cabinets to organize the space. By incorporating what the client needed to store in the cabinets it helped us decide the size, shape and location of each cabinet. 

Custom built in cabinet completes home renovation

Custom lighting highlights our cabinetry

Accent lighting and hard wiring electronics through the cabinets also played a role in efficiency and use of space.  These accents are an important part of completing the look and making your living room or family room remodel truly amazing.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Whole Home Renovation - Before and After

If you have a living room renovation project in mind and want to add light, usable space and an overall updated look, our whole home remodeling services can deliver! This Madison client was looking for more light and open space in her living and dining area. With the kids getting bigger, this family room was no longer an efficient use of space and it was rather dark. 
Madison family room renovation

By removing the partition wall and adding a large bay window we created a new brighter space. The client is very happy with the way the new space functions and how much light shines through this widely used area of the home.  Our renovation process always takes into consideration the family's lifestyle and goals.  A little planning goes a long way!

The remodeled living room and dining room

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Renovate to make big use of a small space

Renovating a unique space like an attic or small bathroom can pose a remodeling challenge.  Spacial issues such as slanted ceilings and unique wall pitches, or a kitchen pantry can be a hidden opportunity for additional storage or shelving. At Artisan Remodeling we try to squeeze every square inch of space out of our projects by using inefficient spaces for storage and function. 

Here you see an opportunity for a recessed cabinet within the half wall. The shower and sink areas were carefully planned to make the most of the space while still achieving enough head room for the user. Unique shower space remodeling ideas always depend on the existing structure, but we have a lot of experience to help get great results!

The tile shower is a great example of our commitment to function and style, demonstrating the use of the Onyx mosaic and stone trim detail within this unique space.  

In cooler climates we often recommend installing heated floors under tile surfaces.  If you love the look of tile but hate the cold, heated floors are the perfect solution.  This beautiful Onyx floor mosaic looks beautiful but also gives the client comfort at any time of year. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Onyx Tile Mosaic Adds Beauty to a Bathroom Renovation

Unique designer tile in a bathroom or kitchen can create a one of a kind look.  With craftsman installation and an eye for design, we created a custom tile design using onyx floor mosaic for a bathroom renovation client in Madison.  For this beautiful old Victorian the client chose a clean look for the bathroom which matches the old house feel and adds some interesting touches. 

Elegant bathroom renovation in a Madison Victorian home

The tub was reclaimed from the attic and after some repair, repainting and a new faucet it looks and functions great. One of the many reasons we love working on home renovations are the stories that come with these older homes, like the tub in the attic!

Onyx floor mosaic creates a beautiful bathroom

The chrome accents and wall sconces give the bathroom a simple, classy look. The Onyx floor mosaic is a contemporary material with an old time twist.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Creative Attic Renovation adds Value to a Home

Attic renovations are some of the most unique and creative remodeling projects we work with.  Often an attic will need more than just a cosmetic lift.  Because many homes in Madison are older, the attic can also require structural improvements.

This is a great vantage point to understand what goes into an attic remodel. This old house needed a lot of structural repairs and strengthening. We analyze every home to uncover issues that need to be addressed in a renovation.  We don't want to just make the home look good, we want everything to be sound from top to bottom.

Attic renovation including structural improvements in a Madison home

After re-framing the floor completely, the walls and ceiling were vented and then sealed in foam insulation. Once the foam was done the rafters were filled with a cellulose insulation which made the new attic warm in the winters and cool in the summer. In addition the old 5 story chimney was removed to create a chase for new heat and AC to run to the attic.

The new attic design provides a multi use room for the family

The space is now a comfortable and functional space acting as a guest suite, office and play room. Every home has huge potential for improvements and opportunities to enhance your lifestyle.  We love uncovering these opportunities and bringing them to life.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Whole Home Design and Renovation

Everyone has seen the complete home renovation shows on TV and in magazines where the designer has a cohesive plan that brings the design of the whole home together.  At Artisan Remodeling we specialize in exactly that - whole home remodels. 

We can do it all - from design to build - let us renovate your kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic, or even design an addition. Whether we do your home remodel all at once or room by room we have the expertise and skills to make your home a more useful and cohesive space. 

In addition to renovating the kitchen, bathrooms, and the entire insulation and HVAC system, we designed and built a Victorian attic remodel  This attic provided useful space as well as enhancing the efficiency and comfort of the entire home via air sealing and insulation. The existing dormers made sunlight a given, and the plumbing layout made a perfect space for an additional bathroom. Vaulted ceilings and Victorian accents made this space look like it had been there for years.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Many of the best kitchen renovation ideas come from the existing charm in older homes.  Madison kitchen remodeling projects are always interesting because the vintage homes have character and style that are very rewarding to work with.  

Unique kitchen features like a pantry or open concept floor plan can work well to suit your family and lifestyle. 

Our home and kitchen renovation design projects start with an evaluation of what the home has to offer and where it needs a little - or a lot of - work!  Here is an example of re-framing an old butler pantry and creating a pass through breakfast bar. Remodeling kitchens to include an island or bar are very popular.  

Open Concept Kitchen floor plan is a beautiful addition to this historic Madison home renovation

The kitchen cabinet is over 100 yrs. old and we were able to preserve it with a little repair, some sanding and stain matching. This piece is not only functional but a great conversation piece. The double oven shown is an example of how Artisan Remodeling goes out of our way to give the customer what they need while paying attention to style and space.  

Madison WI Kitchen Renovation with a double oven and historic kitchen pantry.