Monday, October 11, 2010

New Entryways for Older Homes

Welcome back to our blog! This installment is going to give you an idea about what can be done about that ugly, broken cement stoop falling off the front of your house(some of your homes anyway). These entryways can be a real problem. Often times no contractor wants to deal with it, they either don't know how, or they give you an estimate that includes removing it, which can be costly. Here is a good example of one way to solve the problem, cover it with a deck. As long as there is enough room to enter the home above the stoop, a deck may be added to the front of the house utilizing the stoop as a concrete foundation. Depending on the size of the deck a concrete pier or two may need to be added as well, but the stoop gives you a good place to start. The photos demonstrate the transformation that takes place from the initial construction to the final artistic elements requested by the homeowner. With the proper structural design, most stoops can have a new life holding up your beautiful new deck!

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Mike Gasch
Owner of Artisan Remodeling LLC