Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's hot for home this fall - Yellow!

As the days become darker, shades of yellow provide a sense of warmth and comfort and
are the perfect way to perk up your home. If you're thinking about painting (maybe just try an accent wall) these are
some colors I adore:
Sunbeam #328
Egg Yolk A14-5
Honey Tone 360C-3
Dandy Lion BHG614

If you don't want to commit to wall color, how about some wall words?
This is a great way to add some holiday fun and allows for temporary or permanent
customization. Trading Phrases - allows you to "write out loud" on your walls (and even appliances).

On a smaller scale, try accessorizing with beeswax candles, a yellow throw, or try holiday lights with an amber glow. Or... just stick some branches in a bucket for instant outdoor gratification indoors!

Beth Swanson of E.M. Swanson Events, LLC.

Meet Guest blogger Beth Swanson

Guest blogger Beth Swanson of E.M. Swanson Events, LLC

My company provides event coordination & interior redesign services.
My forte is using what you already have and incorporating natural materials into design. I have a passion for people, plants and parties.

Before I started my business, I spent many wonderful years as Olbrich Botanical Gardens' Special Events Coordinator in Madison, WI. Prior to that I was the Event & Media Coordinator at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin in Spring Green, WI.
Most recently, I could be found playing with plants at Klein's Floral & Greenhouses in Madison.

My colleague, Mike Gasch, was kind enough to ask me to be part of his blog team, so
here it goes! Each week, I'll share design & decorating inspirations with you.
I hope you have as much fun reading it as I do writing it.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Basement Remodeling 101

Hello again from Artisan Remodeling LLC.!

Today we are talking basements. Fixing up a dungy basement is not as bad as it sounds. Simple fixes can go a long way. Insulating the walls is a key component in a basement remodel as the concrete foundation walls are often cold and uninviting. Covering up plumbing and unsightly basement necessities, but still maintaining access, can create unique spaces such as this entertainment nook with closet. New lighting and new windows with white window wells help accentuate the natural light that already exists by bouncing it off of the well and ceiling. Just like your attic, the basement can be a great addition of comfortable space, it just takes a critical eye and an idea of how you might want to use it.

Thanks for visiting! Mike

Monday, November 1, 2010

What's in the Attic?

Many homes here in the Madison area have an upstairs "storage area". It really doesn't take much to transform that space into a cozy, usable living space. Here is a great example of how a space can change and still maintain the hidden storage ares as well. Recessing the furniture is a great way to maintain floor space while keeping the functionality of a favorite piece of furniture. An entertainment center is a popular option as well. Don't forget to measure twice before framing! After the demolition phase, adding electrical improvements and new insulation really add to the function and feel of the new space. You will be amazed at what can be added to your home by remodeling a space like this. Thanks for checking in! Mike

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Entryways for Older Homes

Welcome back to our blog! This installment is going to give you an idea about what can be done about that ugly, broken cement stoop falling off the front of your house(some of your homes anyway). These entryways can be a real problem. Often times no contractor wants to deal with it, they either don't know how, or they give you an estimate that includes removing it, which can be costly. Here is a good example of one way to solve the problem, cover it with a deck. As long as there is enough room to enter the home above the stoop, a deck may be added to the front of the house utilizing the stoop as a concrete foundation. Depending on the size of the deck a concrete pier or two may need to be added as well, but the stoop gives you a good place to start. The photos demonstrate the transformation that takes place from the initial construction to the final artistic elements requested by the homeowner. With the proper structural design, most stoops can have a new life holding up your beautiful new deck!

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Mike Gasch
Owner of Artisan Remodeling LLC

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome To Artisan Remodeling

Welcome to the first edition of the Artisan Remodeling LLC. blog. The intent of this blog is to demonstrate the detail, quality and craftsmanship in our work and to introduce you to the people who do it.

As you may know from our website, we are a small business dedicated to service, design, and structural integrity. This blog is designed to showcase different aspects of our projects in greater detail as well as answering common questions regarding the who, what and how of remodeling a home. As this blog continues we will have tips from the experts, common problems and solutions, and a little humor in the mix.

Thanks for visiting us. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have regarding your home or potential project.

Mike Gasch
Owner of Artisan Remodeling LLC