Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's hot for home this fall - Yellow!

As the days become darker, shades of yellow provide a sense of warmth and comfort and
are the perfect way to perk up your home. If you're thinking about painting (maybe just try an accent wall) these are
some colors I adore:
Sunbeam #328
Egg Yolk A14-5
Honey Tone 360C-3
Dandy Lion BHG614

If you don't want to commit to wall color, how about some wall words?
This is a great way to add some holiday fun and allows for temporary or permanent
customization. Trading Phrases - allows you to "write out loud" on your walls (and even appliances).

On a smaller scale, try accessorizing with beeswax candles, a yellow throw, or try holiday lights with an amber glow. Or... just stick some branches in a bucket for instant outdoor gratification indoors!

Beth Swanson of E.M. Swanson Events, LLC.

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