Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been busy so the blog posts have suffered, but I will continue to keep everybody up to speed on the happenings of Artisan Remodeling, LLC.
This post has to do with timing. Below is a bathroom that was mostly gutted and remodeled in the span of 2 weeks over the Christmas break. The homeowners were away for 2 weeks and agreed to have me and the guys remodel their bathroom while they were away. Usually these types of projects take twice as long, but with proper preparation and timing we pulled a great bathroom remodel off with the homeowners out of town. They left the old bath behind and returned to a brand new bathroom with all of their chosen fixtures and colors in place at the original price quote. This type of project requires good communication between contractor and client and a great deal of trust. Since I don't normally have a problem with either of those it was a go from the start. Working on a 90 yr. old home can be tricky. There are lead paint requirements as well as not a straight wall in sight, but we are used to this and the process of making it look good.

Below are some of the finished project photos as well as Brock, the tile guy in the middle of a work day. Artisan Remodeling prides itself in working with friendly, hard working, conscientious, legal contractors, and Brock fits the bill. The orange material you see behind the tile is called Kerdi matte, a Schluter product. It is a complete waterproofing membrane mortared to the wall before tile. This provides complete water proofing for your shower. A shower should always have some sort of water proofing surface beneath the tile and over the substrate. The storage cabinet is a great way to add functional storage while not using up a great deal of space. This becomes especially useful with a pedestal sink.

Thanks for visiting and we will see you on the next one! Mike


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